“Rise free from care before the dawn and seek adventures.  Let the noon find you at other lakes and the night overtake you everywhere at home”

–   Henry David Thoreau

Seán McSweeney is Solo Afrika

Solo overlander

Overlanding is exhilarating, exciting, rewarding and sometimes exasperating and frustrating, whether done individually or with a group of fellow explorers. However, solo Overlanding is what I do and enjoy. Independence and solitude is my haven of comfort within the natural beauty of Africa. I am a supreme introvert. It may seem egocentric and arrogant – but I am very comfortable within my own skin and enjoy my own company.

Solo Overlanding is challenging.  From a punctured tyre, to a broken leaf spring, to getting hopelessly lost on a bush track, to a border official requiring a bribe. You are often not entirely in control of your immediate destiny.  Adapt and improvise becomes the norm. However, that’s what makes the challenge worthwhile and the adventure so enjoyable.

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